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Polyurethane concrete raising is a fantastic alternative to traditional mudjacking or replacing your concrete. There are numerous advantages of using polyurethane over traditional mudjacking, and often the process will save you over 50% of the cost of replacement! When a...
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Commercial Let’s face it, finding great tenants can be challenging; keeping them can be even harder. To keep your tenants happy, you generally need to ensure the tiny details are taken care of so that they feel like they’re “at home”. When you have uneven...
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Uneven roads, streets, sidewalks, and highways can be hazardous to pedestrians and drivers alike. Replacing the piece of concrete that is sunken is an expensive solution, and repairing the issue by adding a layer on top of the sunken space will only lead to further issues in the...
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If the concrete slab that your grain bin sits on is cracked, uneven, or ripping away from the metal base of your grain bin – call us in for an evaluation right away! Using cutting-edge polyurethane foam, we can lift the concrete slab up so that it's even and fill any voids to...
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Industrial  Plant Floors “Rocking Slabs” Concrete Parking/Loading Areas Oilfield Sites Oilfield Pump Jacks Every year business owners encounter challenging situations when they find their buildings’ foundation has settled, causing their concrete...
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