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  "Never Settle"

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The Benefits Offered By Eco Concrete Levelling

The Benefits Offered By Eco Concrete Levelling

Eco Concrete Levelling offers the best in customer services, with the best in polyurethane foam, and the best in financing programs for your concrete levelling needs.

The Best in Customer Service

In regards to service, we are committed to being on time for scheduled appointments & for completing the work.  We are the only concrete levelling company in Regina that provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our work combined with our warranty.

The Best In Polyurethane Foam Technology

The technology we employ, HMI, is the best in North America.  It is a proven application to raise sunken concrete for residential, commercial, industrial & municipalities from driveways, garage floors, patios, pools, sidewalks,  warehouse & factory floors, outdoor plazas & even bridge approaches.

The material we use has a long lifespan, impervious to water, doesn't change its shape, and wouldn't break down over time like other materials such as mudjacking.  The technology we use is now the preferred method for levelling, lifting and raising concrete for homeowners, property managers, municipalities, contractors, industrial & commercial clients.  The process is cost-effective for jobs large and small.


It is cost effective compared to a number of other solutions:

  1. Tearing out and replacing the concrete is significantly more expensive (50% to 70% more than concrete lifting) and takes significantly longer to complete.
  2. While sometimes it may cost more than mudjacking initially, the fact that mudjacking is dirt that essentially masks the problem for a period of time instead of solving it means that polyurethane is less in the long-term.
  3. The lifted area can be used right away.  For commercial, industrial & municipalities, this means less costly down-time. 

It is extremely lightweight:

  1. Polyurethane weights 2 to 4 pounds per cubic feet compared to 2,500 to 3,000 pounds per yard of mudjacking.  This means that it wouldn't overburden soil compared to mudjacking. 

It cures quickly:

  1. Polyurethane typically cures within 15 minutes which means it can be used in minutes not days like mudjacking or replacing the concrete itself. 

It acts as a moisture barrier:

  1. Due to its high-density and foam material, it is resistant to water penetration.  

The Best & Only Concrete Levelling Company Offering Financing Options.

We are the only concrete levelling company in Saskatchewan offering financing options for our customers.