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Why Is Polyurethane Foam Better Than Traditional Mudjacking?

Why Is Polyurethane Foam Better Than Traditional Mudjacking?


  1. Smaller holes in the concrete.
  2. Does not add significant weight to the soil under the slab.
  3. Fast curing time allows concrete to be put back into service immediately.
  4. Material expands to fully fill voids under slabs.
  5. Moisture resistant, will not wash out.
  6. Does not shrink over time.
  7. Increases concrete slab’s ability to bear weight.
  8. Material is consistent in quality.
  9. Clean work environment / less invasive.
  10. 30-40% of the jobs we do are mudjacking “do-overs”.

“ You Can Do It Right or You Can Do It Over.”

  1. Hole Size: Smaller (5/8” vs 1 5/8” - 2”) and fewer holes - benefits - more appealing and greater structural integrity. Being unsightly is one thing, but these large holes, if placed too frequently and too close together, can cause the concrete sidewalk to crack as well.
  2. Weight: 2-4 lbs. per cubic ft. vs. 100 lbs. plus per cubic ft. - benefit - The additional weight can cause further settlement so why use a process that potentially adds to the cause of the original problem? **SEE EXAMPLE BELOW**
  3. Fast curing time: In almost all cases most areas can be used immediately after we finish, while most traditional mud jacking companies will ask that on larger areas, the concrete not be used for 48 - 72 hours. Benefit – minimal inconvenience.
  4. Material expands filling voids & cracks under slabs: By expanding 20 times its liquid volume, polyurethane foam material moves laterally beneath the concrete, filling voids and cracks as it travels. Additionally, it perfectly contours to the size and shape of the voids to completely support the pavement with 100% coverage.  Benefit – Stronger concrete slab.
  5. Moisture resistant, will not wash out:  Polyurethane foam seals the underside of concrete including joints and cracks. Benefit - this greatly eliminates water penetration and erosion issues. Again keeping moisture away from concrete slabs makes a huge difference during freeze thaw cycles.
  6. Does not shrink over time: - Polyurethane foam does not shrink, period. The benefit -   A repair that lasts much longer than traditional mudjacking. When the moisture from traditional mud jacking methods evaporates over time (which it does) more settling can take place and more sinking is the result.
  7. Increases concrete slab’s ability to bear weight: - An additional benefit during the lifting process is the compaction of base soils through the resistance of lifting the concrete structure. The material bleeds into the subbase and binds soil particles together, strengthening the base material
  8. Material is consistent in quality: All of our foams are manufactured in a factory controlled setting. Benefit – Simply put, equal lifting and support throughout the entire lifted slab, no inconsistencies due to material variances.
  9. Clean Work Environment / Less Invasive:  Eco’s equipment stays on the street.  Benefits -  We can work in smaller places, no heavy equipment on your property or landscaping, and no need to remove any fences to work in your rear yard. Also there is no water/mud mess to clean up.
  10. 30 - 40% of the jobs we do are mudjacking do-overs:  If the process of repairing your concrete had a 30 - 40% chance of failing, would you choose another method? We’re not saying that the people who own these companies or the people who perform the work using traditional mud jacking are bad. And we’re not saying that it happens all the time. We’re saying we have to come in behind a lot of the mud jacking jobs and fix the sunken concrete again. We feel Eco provides a better, more reliable, less invasive, eco-friendlier and less messy way of raising/ lifting your concrete and it’s with Polyurethane Foam. 

**Weight Example**

Let’s assume we are dealing with a typical driveway lift. The driveway area that we need to lift is 24’ x 14’ and it has sunken 3”.  This area would equate to 84 cubic feet of needed material (mud or foam). Polyurethane foam weighs 4lbs per cubic foot vs. traditional mud @ 100 pounds per cubic foot, the difference is 96 pounds per cubic foot.  Multiply 84 cubic feet x 96 pounds (difference between foam and mud) equals an astonishing 8,064 pounds. For reference a 2017 GMC 4x4 Suburban weighs ~ 7,500 pounds. Imagine now if we were talking about an entire driveway, not ½ of it!    

We don’t have anything against mudjacking companies.

We are a small business just like they are and we think there is enough business to go around for everyone. If you’ve had your driveway, sidewalk, driveway or patio mud jacked and were happy with the results long term, we are happy for you. Our intention is not to disparage anyone or the traditional mudjacking process. Our intention is to inform and educate those people who:

  1. May have had concrete mud jacked, and the concrete has sunken again
  2. Have to have concrete mud jacked and they are not aware of the alternatives.
  3. Point out the “concrete” reasons why Mudjacking didn’t work. 

Did You Know? We Are Green!

Aside the fact that we save our landfills tens of thousands of pounds of concrete each year, the poly foams we use are bio-friendly, consisting of 39-49 percent renewable and recycled materials. The poly foams we use are a top-of-the-line material, designed specifically for different concrete lifting applications, which allows us to easily adjust our approach to your needs.