"Never Settle"

  "Never Settle"

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Advancement in Foam

Deep Foamjection

Deep Foamjection uses the same basic process and equipment as polyurethane concrete levelling at nearly any depth through specially designed pipe systems that are driven down to various depths as required. The material is introduced into the subterranean environment as a premixed liquid. When the liquid solidifies into a foam underground, it acts like mother nature's tree root system.
This process stabilizes and strengthens the environment mitigating the root causes of a structure, road, or concrete pad from settling. Basic concrete lifting may or may not be a permanent solution since the end results of injecting mud or polyurethane just under a slab and getting lift is only as good as the environment it is sitting on. With Deep Foamjection you are addressing the root cause of the problem at various depths.
Eco Concrete is certified in Deep Foamjection by HMI. Deep Foamjection is for superior for soil stabilization. The foam used is an upgrade from sub-surface concrete lifting and has a number of benefits including:● Stabilization and repair unstable soils● Firming foundations to support slabs and structures that have settled● The foam follows the path of least resistance thereby strengthening weak areas● Displacing water by filling voids ● Increasing the load-bearing capacity of the subgrade● The foam soaks into the weak soil expanding, binding the soil and solidifying it 


FILLFOAM™ is the latest in foam technology. The foam was introduced into Europe over ten years ago, it was recently approved for us in North America. The foam is an open cell foam that is ideal for void filling applications from very small to large requirements. FILLFOAM™, without the bi-product of heat, is a fast and safe way to fill voids quickly and with limited access. The benefits of FILLFOAM™ include:● Can absorb water from soils● Immune to seasonal changes● Can be installed at any rate or quantity● UV insensitive● Strong and lightweight● It can be re-excavated if necessary
The foam is perfect for large void filling applications including commercial uses such as abandon mines.