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Uneven roads, streets, sidewalks, and highways can be hazardous to pedestrians and drivers alike. Replacing the piece of concrete that is sunken is an expensive solution, and repairing the issue by adding a layer on top of the sunken space will only lead to further issues in the not too distant future. Due to the properties of our concrete raising polyurethane foam, traffic can return too normal immediately after the project is completed causing very minimal disruption to traffic.


Polyurethane mudjacking/slab jacking is a cost-effective method that will save you and your residents the money, time, and hassle involved in concrete slab replacement. Municipalities recognize the need to reduce “trip and fall” liabilities and contract with us to prevent those future liability issues.


Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, often this applies to concrete raising. Maintenance is far less expensive than repair, and more often than not, municipalities have to deal with maintenance items to balance budgets, Eco Concrete Levelling can help.


One Example of Our Work:


Library Floor Concrete Levelling Project.


In the spring of 2018 Eco Concrete Levelling was contacted by a rural municipality regarding their library.  The library was approximately 2000 square feet and had been built on two lots.  One of the lots originally had a structure on it which once had a basement, therefore when the library was built 1/2 of the structure was built on “undisturbed” soil while the other 1/2 was built on soil that was “disturbed.”  The library was constructed with a typical grade beam foundation complete with a concrete slab floor. 




The concrete floor was sinking in approximately two-thirds of the library where there was once a basement, in some areas over an inch and a half.  Because the interior walls were built over the sinking floor, the doors were not closing, and the tops of the walls were “pulling” away from the ceiling. One of the critical areas was the bathroom if the floor continued to sink it could create severe problems with the plumbing, both septic and fresh water.  




New carpet had been installed throughout the library as well there were rows of books throughout the area where the concrete needed to be raised.  Also as the library is frequently used; if the carpet had to be removed along with all of the books and their shelving, the library would have to be closed for a lengthy period.  This added process would not only be extremely time consuming but would also result in the library has added costs to the project.




Concrete raising using polyurethane foam.  Once Eco Concrete was contacted, an appointment with the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer was arranged, the project was assessed, and Eco Concrete was given the “go ahead.”  Upon arrival, the area was measured for the locations where the foam would be injected.  Where the injection ports were to be installed, the carpet was cut in small “X’s,” then folded back and the small injection holes (5/8”) were drilled into the concrete slab.  Soon there after the raising of the slab began.  




Due to the fact that Eco Concrete carries the equivalent of 19 cubic yards of fill there was no need for the operator to ever leave the site to refill the equipment with more material.  The floor was levelled back to it’s original position in a matter of a few hours. The job was completed by mid-afternoon without ever removing a single book from any shelf.  Once the Library floor was raised, Eco then turned their attention to 350 feet of the Town’s sunken sidewalks.  This too was completed that same day!  It should be noted that the library had been raised in the past using traditional mud jacking techniques.




If you or your Library has a concrete slab that has settled over time call Eco Concrete for a consultation.  The solution to your problem may be as simple as a phone call.


Municipal Applications



  • Bridge Approaches

  • Settled Concrete rail Crossings

  • Concrete Paved Highways

  • Airport Runways and Tarmacs

  • Hockey Arena and Curling Rink Floors

  • Gymnasium Floors

  • Maintenance Building Floors

  • Walkways & Patios

  • Trip Hazards

  • Curb & Gutter

  • Swimming Pools & Spray Pads (Incl. Decks and Aprons)

  • Fire Halls & "Bus Barn” Floors