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Concrete Levelling for Commercial Properties

Let’s face it, finding great tenants can be challenging; keeping them can be even harder. To keep your tenants happy, you generally need to ensure the tiny details are taken care of so that they feel like they’re “at home”. When you have uneven sidewalks, stairs and patios, you introduce the possibility for annoyed tenants, but also the possibility of injury. When it comes to commercial buildings one of the benefits of polyurethane concrete raising is the fact that it is very clean and can be performed without interruption of business or day to day living.
Eco Concrete Levelling has some of the best equipment in the business, because of that we can reach up to 190 feet from the equipment to where the work is to be performed. This allows us to perform work inside of buildings as well as outside. If a person can get into space, we can generally raise the concrete slab. For example, we raised a commercial retail space without even removing the carpet. Small “X’s” were strategically cut into the carpet, the carpet was folded back, holes were drilled and the foam was injected. In the end, the floor was raised, and the owner simply had to have the carpet glued back down. All of this was done in a single day. In most cases, Eco Concrete will not interfere with your business, or tenants, as we never have any equipment on your property (except for hand tools and the hose) and in almost all cases you will be able to resume using the area within 30 minutes of our crew’s departure. 


This procedure is often performed on settled floors, showroom floors, public walkways, housing complexes, condo complexes, parking lots and even loading docks. While the removal of “trip hazards” is the most common work we perform at commercial sites many other areas can be of concern regarding building maintenance. It is important to remember that maintenance is always far less expensive than repair or replacement. With commercial properties, this is often the case when it comes to keeping the water away from buildings. Because in most cases the people in charge of the building’s maintenance are not always around water damage is not detected until it is too late. In one case we were called out to a storage unit that had rotten floor plates that were sitting on the concrete slab. There were two main items causing this; firstly someone had damaged the downpipes causing the water to not run away from the building. Secondly, the concrete structure itself was settling on the end where the downspouts were damaged. This settling caused the water to pool on the outside of the structure and “wick” through to the lumber causing rot. Had the structure been raised earlier the damage would have never occurred. 


In conclusion, there are many benefits to having Eco Concrete provide you with an estimate; often we point out ways of saving the building owner thousands of dollars either presently or in the future.