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ECO Concrete Levelling Inc - Bringing New Technologies

ECO Concrete Levelling Inc - Bringing New Technologies

A Saskatchewan-based company, ECO Concrete Levelling Ltd. provides affordable solutions to replacing concrete or raising concrete using traditional methods. ECO’s owners, Bud and Jon Anderson, have more than 35 years of combined experience in renovations, commercial and residential construction.

“In the beginning, we started out raising sidewalks and driveways. Now we’ve evolved into many other areas — including garages, commercial buildings, boathouses and even homes. On more complex jobs, such as home lifting, we work closely with structural engineers to provide guaranteed results,” says Bud.

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“The concept of raising concrete using polyurethane foam is definitely the way the industry is going. Much like the days of carbureted engines, traditional ways of raising concrete are rapidly going away. There are many reasons for this,” Jon adds. “The main reasons are small injection holes, lightweight material and no shrinkage, combined with the fact that it’s a clean process that can be used immediately. HMI is an industry leader that provides us with an environmentally-friendly, bio-based recycled foam specifically manufactured for concrete raising. HMI also provides us with many different types of products, some of which are very effective in water.”

2018 was a big year for ECO Concrete Levelling as they became HMI’s largest Canadian customer receiving HMI’s coveted Platinum Award. ECO also became Saskatchewan’s only certified Deep Foamjection™ installer. Deep Foamjection™ is a process that allows foam to be injected to depths up to 20 feet below the surface. The process provides both ground stabilization and increased load-bearing capacities, allowing for greater lifting capabilities (depending on the situation and depth applied).

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While ECO provides free estimates, this father-son team say the estimate is a small part of what they do. In most cases, clients want to know what caused the settlement of their concrete. “Most of the time, our initial visit is a consultation rather than a free estimate,” Bud says. “We not only provide our customers with an estimate, but we also consult on how to prevent further sinkage or damage to other areas of their property. The rapid growth of our business has been mainly due to referrals and repeat customers. We feel that helping people out will be remembered long into the future.”

To keep pace with demand, ECO has added a commercial rig to its fleet — a unit complete with all the latest technologies surrounding the polyurethane foam industry. Two main advantages of the commercial rig include the amount of material it can haul (equivalent to approximately five tandem truckloads of dirt) and the 250 feet of hose on board.

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ECO’s growth continues in 2019 as business partners Leslie Ciz and Garth Fredrickson join the team — and Bud and Jon are delighted to welcome them aboard. Leslie is the new head of ECO’s marketing and business development and feels positive about the future: "I'm excited about how ECO can help Saskatchewan people fix sunken concrete to maintain and protect their valuable assets like homes, cottages, agricultural buildings and commercial properties." Garth sits on the company’s board of directors, and with more than 38 years of commercial development experience, advises on commercial real estate operations.

ECO provides industry-leading techniques, as well as experienced and trained customer-centric staff. The company offers simple and easy financing options, a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee, and a comprehensive industry warranty program. Bud advises: “If you have sunken concrete, we can help. Call us at 306.522.LIFT or visit our website at ecolevel.ca and submit a request for an estimate.”


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